111 Reasons Why You Should Breastfeed

Mother extended breastfeeding toddler baby girl and wearing Chew-Choos teething necklace
Mother extended breastfeeding toddler

You’ve got all the onesies your baby will ever need. Even though she isn’t due for a few weeks, you have teething necklaces, baby blankets, and a cool-looking diaper bag so you can be a rockstar mom while still looking fashionable. The only thing you haven’t locked down yet is whether you’ll be a formula mom or a breastfeeding mom.

The question of breastfeeding is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a parent. Before you make a decision based on a whim, you need to put in the legwork to decide which option is best for both you and your baby. We’ve partnered up with a fellow momma expert Jenny Silverstone, at MomLovesBest, and made your research easier by creating a list of 111 benefits of breastfeeding.

Once you read this piece, you’ll be able to fully complete your list of pros and cons and come up with a choice that is based on knowledge. If cancer runs in your family, you’ll want to pay special attention to the fact that breastfeeding can reduce your baby’s risk of developing several cancers. But the benefits don’t just cover your baby — you’ll get health benefits from breastfeeding too, including less cancer risk.

Even if you aren’t worried about health benefits, you’ll want to check out all the financial, social, and environmental reasons why moms may want to consider breastfeeding.

No matter which feeding method you choose, welcome to the sisterhood of motherhood. As women, we’re all on this crazy ride together. So, buckle up, and enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy. Soon your baby will be here, and you’ll forget what your life was ever like before she entered your world.

~Jenny Silverstone, Writer/Contributor


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