What to do when your baby wants food!

cute blonde baby holding blue and red bamboo spoons and putting them in her mouth

Baby food!” A few words that are foremost on my mind since the twins just celebrated their half-birthday this weekend. We haven’t really thought much about it up to this point since, thank g-d, tandem breastfeeding has gone so smoothly. My chunky monkeys, now more than 15 pounds each, are curious and ready to delve a new world of colorful tasty food.

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some yummy wholesome smoothies. Personally, this is something I enjoy year round using seasonal produce. The great thing about smoothies is that you do not need a long list of ingredients or fancy recipes to follow. I’m sure you will agree, they make a perfect starter food for your hungry little rascal!

First you will need a week to test individual fruits or vegetables on your baby to make sure they don’t have any unknown allergies. I know everyone says this but it doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor for clarification. We need to start with food that is really mushy and smooth, but maybe not too liquidy either. That’s why I usually add banana to just about every puree; it bulks it up and makes it a little more palatable for babies who love sweet stuff.

fruit smoothie recipe for baby first foodsThis classic berry smoothie is a wonderful example of how you can use seasonal food to make nutritious homemade baby food. You may want to make a little extra for mommy and daddy….and maybe even the whole family because surely it will knock your socks off:)

I would love to know your favorite smoothies, please share in the comments below. If we have enough submissions, I’ll put an e-book together so we can share with others like yourself.

Go get em’ you warrior mom!
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