Mommy Hacks – How to teach your toddler left from right

How to teach kids to put their left and right shoes on correctly

There are so many clever mommy hacks out there, I decided to start compiling a series of my favorites from now on. Besides, aren’t we always searching for ways to make daily mundane tasks just a little easier? One thing that’s been on my mind lately is my son who always puts his shoes on backwards every single time. Does yours do that too? I remember my oldest daughter did the same thing as well because every time we went out of the house, someone would inevitably point it out to me in case I hadn’t taken noticed! Sometimes you just have to get out the house and pick your battles, right?

So after a little bit of digging I found a few other bloggers using a cute concept of placing tape markers inside their children’s shoes to help them remember right from left. This mom took an interesting sticker, cut it in half and placed one part on each shoe to give her son a memorable visual cue here: You can find more simple life hacks in her BLOG.

You could even take it a STEP further (ha ha, get it?) and use painter’s tape with your child’s name written on it like a puzzle piece or place color coded tape. (If you have a girl, you can paint her toe nails to match her shoes!) I like that it doubles as a way to identify the owner’s shoes. I know this will come super handy for us when my twins begin wearing shoes…we don’t want to end up with two left feet literally! If your child is tactile learner, you could also teach them right/left by adding a scented lotion to one hand regularly and practice taking walks around the block using only one turning direction. I found these tips HERE.


What’s your favorite method of teaching left from right with your children? Please share by posting in the comments below.


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