8 Teething Facts Every New Parent Should Know

Get Your Teething Facts Right Here!

There is so much information out there talking about what to expect when you have a baby.  Everyone has there opinions and remedies to every issue out there….literally.

Recently we did a search for all information about teething and there were thousands of articles about signs and symptoms, what to do to make you little on comfortable, and how to encourage tooth growth.

We came across a great article from Care.com that covers 8 Key Things that Parents should know about Teething. Some of it offers some myth busting and some sound like the advice my Chew-Choos_15grandmother used to give me.  They even cover some helpful toy advice….we are partial to our Chew-Choos Playdate necklaces!

Check out these great teething facts…..I had no idea about number 6 but it makes so much sense!


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