What’s In Your Diaper Bag?

Having a diaper bag doesn't mean mom carry around a Mary Poppins carpet bag...let's get organized!

Ok Ladies…..it’s time to confess….what is inside your diaper bag?

Have you ever seen those tv segments like this one on the today show where Savannah and Jill talk about the ways in which we can all organize just a bit better and get a handle on the mess that we carry along with us everyday?

They give some great ideas…we put them in place with the ideal vision of an organized world where you mary poppinsknow where things are, you are prepared for the world, and yes….you can see the bottom of the bag.  One thing it is not is a Mary Poppins carpet bag!

But what sometimes is?….Your diaper bag!

Can you answer these questions?

Is it organized?  Is it big enough? Do you even know what is in there? Do you have week old food in there and not sure when it was eaten?  Maybe you have just one single wipe left in the travel wipe container….enough for that quick on the go change….I think not!

inside diaper bagYour diaper bag is your go to place to have a quick toy, easy snack, bottles at the ready, wipes and diapers, tylenol of that headache you sometimes get, maybe a lip stain to make you appear to have some more color, and of course a change of clothes for your baby and an extra tshirt for you.

Ever dream of being a Mommy MacGyver?  Well, you can!  Just like Richard Dean Anderson in the popular 80’s tv show, you can be prepared and not have to carry the kitchen sink with you when you leave the house.

Here are the 5 Things You Need In Your Diaper Bag:

  1. Good Quality Bag: Diaper bags last for a good couple of years and they take a heavy beating because they literally go everywhere with you. Invest in a good quality bag that gels with your personal style.  We recommend the bags from timi and leslie.
  2. Snacks:  NEVER leave the house without them….EVER.  You baby will be hungry, you will be hungry, they may need a distraction….a bottle and something to snack on is an essential component of every diaper bag.  I advise keeping the items non-perishable unless of course it is a bottle then you may need a cooler pack in there to keep it cold.
  3. Think the Basics: Diapers, clothes change, wipes, baggies for dirty diapers or clothes.
  4. Two or Three Small Toys: Something simple to hold their attention.  A favorite stuffed animal, etc.
  5. Organizer for your bag: Some bags offer internal pockets and others require you to purchase an organizer.  It really is your preference.  The more that you can group things together the better.  It will be easy to find and keep track of when you need to refill an item.

All of these suggestions are ones that I have used and work really well in keeping me organized.  The one other thing that I can recommend is to go through you bag every few days and just make sure you haven’t run out of something.  It only takes a minute and will leave you ready for your next outing without feeling like you are missing something important.

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