10 Reasons You Need to Stop Obsessing Over Chores

black african american mom pulling out her hair with child looking from the background reasons obsessing over chores make life harder

I wouldn’t consider myself the tidiest person around, but I’m sure lots of moms can relate that crazy feeling you get inside when you are on the verge of spontaneous combustion at the sight of your house! For me, it’s the food and trash that reveals exactly where and what my little rascal kids have been up to; Make that 5 trails…(do 1-year-old twins count?) See what one mom had to say about being a self-professed “neat freak” and the lessons learned here.

Fellow mamas, How do you cope with the inevitable anxiety and chaos with messy kids in the home? If you would like to see more of the baby pinch family, you should check out our Instagram page @chewchoos!

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