Quads Laughing Hysterically

March 30, 2016 0

This video has been around for awhile but every time I see it I laugh out loud!  If this doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what will. photo credit: Funny and Laugh

Say Goodbye to Dark Circles

March 23, 2016 0

Having dark circles and parenting seems to go hand in hand.  Not that you couldn’t have circles under your eyes when you went to college and pulled an all-nighter but when you are a parent, […]

Feeding Twins: The Art of the Schedule

March 21, 2016 0

Feeding one baby with a schedule makes life a little easier but feeding twins REQUIRES a schedule to maintain your sanity.  While it may seem unfair to wake up a sleeping child to eat, it […]

Twins Tell Dad: “It’s Time to Eat!”

March 18, 2016 0

These two adorable twins clearly are communicating…”We’re hungry. Let’s get some food to eat.”  to their dad who just wants to close the refrigerator door.  Enjoy this little video…Bon Appetit! photo credit: Appliance repair video […]

How to Dress Your Baby Bump

March 16, 2016 0

Let’s face it….being pregnant can be a blessing or a curse depending on your point of view. While it is a wonderful time of growth and development, it can be a bit trying as you […]

Are Identical Twins Really Identical?

March 9, 2016 0

This is fascinating…..to you and me identical twins look, well, identical! But would you believe that just because you may share the same DNA doesn’t mean that you and your twin are really identical.  To […]

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